Friday, March 22, 2013

Great brook last day of season!

Hey Gang
Day off from work phone rang or beeped constantly but Fuck it!
So Great brook is a cross country park in winter about 20 miles worth they say.
Can't cross country down south eh?

I have been skiing on trails off and on for 25 + years.

Great afternoon at Great Brook, conditions were pretty good a few bare spots,
I skiied 5 miles but was out of energy the last 1- 1/2, fell a couple times pretty funny, i never "used to" fall Lol. Btw 1000 calories!

Getting skis with metal edges so I can skate and telemark ( climb mountain with snow shoes and ski down), this old guy is NOT slowing down hehe!

Found the skis I plan to buy, Fishers 98's with a special boot and binding you can use the ski on flats, up trails , down hills and through the brush!

I won't need to buy new down hills I will be all set, fn awesome!!

BTW I am down 16 pounds !

Love yall



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