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Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the road to healing?

I am doing better, finally had doctor ( foot doctor) appt and we had a major afternoon snowstorm Monday, I was on a call with the boss got out of here at 4 and appt was 4:30, 40 minute ride in good weather.

So I called and said i will be really late traffic was slow, no problem rescehduling, Doctor said no i will wait for you you are in pain ...

Got there at 5;30 he gave me a shot in the foot and a shot in the ass and said go get a good set of boots. Nothing I wore was any good, so  I got to sketcher 1/2 boot with memory foam that masked the pain.. Also have an orthotic he sells , not custom. wow i feel like a new man , he said he thinks it is arthritis in the joints at the base of foot to toe( meta tarsals?)Need a shot in the next joint over and I should be set!

those steroids are great!

Rode the bike 45 minutes this morning no pain , ran out of time....

Back on track I think!
Be good all!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Work your ride

Cycle Lab is now riding with the newest version of PIQ–Performance IQ.  There are some awesome features!
Each rider is given the option to “Display Metrics” or “Don’t Display Metrics” when they create an account at Cycle Lab.  If you choose to display your metrics you will be involved with the many cool features the Performance Board provides.  If you choose not to display your metrics you are still involved…just not publicly.   Your bike will show “0” through the ride and you will not be ranked.  The computer randomly shuffles riders showing “0” and you will stay in one place on the Performance Board.  Even if you don’t display your numbers you will still receive performance data feedback emailed to your personal account after each class.  What does the Performance Board show?
“POWER MODE” tracks each individual’s accumulated data through the entire class.  Riders are ranked and able to compete through the ride based on Total Energy (accumulation of power). It is essentially an individual mode.
“SPRINT MODE” gives riders a specific interval goal and a chance to wipe the slate clean beginning from zero as the clock resets for each sprint.  Each sprint drill gives riders a fresh start for that particular time segment and an opportunity to race the given interval.  When your instructor hits the SPRINT button, the SPRINT CLOCK (highlighted on the upper right of the Race Board in yellow) will count up from zero, your numbers will start from zero and you will be ranked on that particular sprint.  This is your chance to bust out with a flurry of power and speed!  At the end of a sprint set your instructor will take the class back to “POWER MODE” and you will once again see the total accumulation of Energy for the class.
“GROUP MODE” displays metrics based on class performance.  Each rider in the class contributes to the group metrics (even if you show “0”).  AVERAGE POWER (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in orange), AVERAGE RPM (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in black) and TOTAL ENERGY (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in green) for the class is displayed in the “GROUP MODE”.  This mode creates an energizing atmosphere and a fun way to build team strength!
  • Power is measured in Watts.  It is the amount of work being done in a given amount of time by a rider.
  • Time is measured in seconds.
  • Energy is measured in kilojoules.  It is the accumulation of power over time.
  • Force is the amount of resistance or gear
  • Velocity is the speed a rider is pedaling or RPM
Energy is directly correlated to calories.  More Power=More Energy=More Calories burned.  There are two ways to increase your Power, therefore your Energy, therefore your Calories burned.
1.  Crank up your resistance (your gear)
2.  Increase your pedal speed (your RPMs)
The more a rider challenges themselves by increasing their force and velocity on the cycle, the higher the power output, the higher the energy and the more calories burned.
Now get out there and WORK YOUR RIDE!

Interval Training and Indoor Cycling: The Best Bang for Your Buck!

One of the many reasons I fell in love with indoor cycling again recently is that without a doubt you get the best bang for your buck in the cycle studio!  Maximizing the minutes we are spending working on our health and fitness in this chaotic and overscheduled life we lead is important.  Indoor cycling offers one of the best (the best if you ask me) cardiovascular workouts you can get.   Why?   Growing research shows that steady, moderate exercise isn’t the best use of your workout time. Studies are showing that intervals of higher-intensity efforts are just as effective as long endurance workouts at improving health and fitness.   This is the kind of information that is music to my ears!  Get in, do work, and get on with your crazy day!  Jason Karp, PhD states, “one of the main reasons for all of the attention being given to interval training in the fitness industry is that it can improve fitness quickly, which is great news for busy people who don’t want to spend 2 hours in the gym”.
For example, a new study published in the Journal of Physiology showed that 6 weeks of three 30-minute interval workouts, totaling 1.5 hours a week, produced the same benefits in the way the body uses insulin as about 5 hours per week of steady pedaling.  “It is a massive time savings, and you still achieve effects that are totally comparable,” says study author Aton Wagenmakers, Ph.D.
Not only are you saving time training with intervals, you are also connecting with and strengthening more muscle groups.  Interval training recruits more muscles than steady-state exercise.  Working intervals utilizes both our fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles, while steady-state uses mainly your slow-twitch muscles.
So if you are looking to maximize your time, burn calories and stay fit, get into Cycle Lab and Work Your Ride!  The feeling of success and reward of completing a challenging series of interval sets will keep you coming back for more.  An addiction you can be proud of!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 6 Good ride B4 Work

Ok Up and on the Bike by 5:15 am, one hour later 16 miles done , Awesome!!!
What did you do before breakfast?
Time for Vi shake and some Vi cereal, all protein and fiber!
tire and sore at work after drive in should be fine.

Maybe CST done later tonight!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 3 Happy Friday

Anyways Happy Friday

Weeks 3
okay took off yesterday, exhausted after being up til 1 am the night before celebrating our RED SOX!!!

Got up at 4:30 to ride this morning did about 16-17 miles in one hour
time 60 minutes
power avg 110 watts
revolution avg 75
Calories (Real) 430
Heart rate avg 126

Not bad , want to get the power up to 125, mileage up to 18
revs up to 80+ and calories up to 500.

Interesting discussion on the ICO(indoor cycling)site I am on about calorie burns.
They say it is impossible to reach 800-1000 calories per hour unless you are really elite. if your BMR is 100-125 then you would need to burn 700 - 800 calories, it was hard to burn 430 on the bike this morning I was a sweaty mess!
The HR watches we use are somewhat misleading
Thoughts people?

tomorrow leaves outside and then Shoulders & arms , behind again this week.

be good


Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 complete

End of Week 2
Okay update so I rode about 18 miles Friday night after work(on my Keiser M3 indoor Bike) , had a great Historia Video ( Def Leppard)playing , cranking to the old Def boys ( Love Mutt Langes role as producer at the end). Had my new Sennheiser 170 cordless headphones cranking OMG is that incredible.
Loving the Keiser Bike if you cant tell!@ working and listening to — listening to Bruce Hornsby.

Week 3 P90X C&B tonite rest week next week I will skip as I missed a few wo's


Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 2 P90X

End of week 2 ( Sunday)

61 minutes on the Keiser, 18 miles, it is nice to go through my old music videos VCR did not work, whats a vcr? lol, need to get some old rush and van halen on dvd I guess

Have a great day all!

Doobie Brothers were perfect for this ride although my batteries didn't last in the old cordless headset

ordered new Sennheisers ( digital headphones) from Amazon so that should be sweet!

Week two starts today

20 minutes on bike and then Chest and back tonite, what are you doing???


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr Sheehan _Inspired me !

A Sheehan Revival

The Runner's World reissue of George Sheehan's book, Running & Being, introduces a new generation of reader-runners to the man who identified the value of living an active, fulfilling, and authentic life.
Published April 03, 2013
One of the first things I did when I started this job in 2003 was put a framed photo of Dr. George Sheehan on the wall of my office. George, a cardiologist who wrote a column for Runner’s World for two decades starting in 1970, was the magazine’s most popular and beloved writer before his death from prostate cancer in 1993. He wrote about running not only as a sport but as a method for living a fuller life. He helped launch the first running boom, and one of his eight books, Running & Being, spent months on The New York Times Best Sellers list in 1978. Many of you may still consider him your favorite writer, although that word doesn’t fully capture what he was.
I found the photo in a stack of race posters from decades past, forgotten. In it, George is sitting in a wooden rocking chair on the deck of his house in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, overlooking the Atlantic. He’s dressed in running clothes, but it’s unclear whether he has just returned from a run or is about to set out. What is clear is that George is writing—or, more specifically, hunting and pecking away at what looks to be an old Royal typewriter perched on his deck’s wall, seemingly a few inches from falling into the drink. There isn’t a shred of artifice or self-consciousness anywhere. The photo is still on my wall, even though we moved into a new building years ago. Beneath it is my own Royal typewriter. The symbolism isn’t subtle: There are things from the past—even forgotten, old-school things—that still matter today.
As a longtime RW subscriber and the son of an RW reader in the 1970s and ’80s, I had read George’s column religiously. To me, he personified the idea that running and writing have something in common. Something approximating soul. Something I wanted to bring into these pages in a new way. In my first few months on the job, I immersed myself in George’s writing again, and developed a bit of an obsession to republish the work of the man Sports Illustrated called “perhaps our most important philosopher of sport.” Eventually I struck up a conversation with Andy Sheehan, the eighth of George’s 12 children, about how to do it.
This month, I’m immensely proud and excited to announce the reissue of Running & Being, the landmark best-seller that’s been out of print for decades, with a new introduction from Andy, a jacket design by George’s daughter Nora, and a new foreword from Kenny Moore, one of George’s equals in running-writing excellence. (One of my favorite excerpts is at runnersworld.com/sheehan.) We—the Sheehan siblings and Rodale, RW’s parent company—reissued the book for two reasons. First, to introduce George to a new generation of reader-runners, since the sport has continued to boom after his death and many of those fueling the growth (young women in particular) probably don’t know his work. Second, what George had to say about running—and about living an active, fulfilling, authentic life—is more timely than ever. Perhaps, in our overdigitized and underexercised culture, Running & Being is more urgently needed now than it was 35 years ago. As a country, we are fatter and less healthy than ever, and less connected to each other (Twitter and Facebook don’t count) and to the natural world.
But enough from me. George’s words have always stood on their own:
Running made me free. It rid me of concern for the opinion of others. Dispensed me from rules and regulations imposed from outside. Running let me start from scratch. It stripped off those layers of programmed activity and thinking. Developed new priorities about eating and sleeping and what to do with leisure time. Running changed my attitude about work and play. About whom I really liked and who really liked me. Running let me see my twenty-four-hour day in a new light and my lifestyle from a different point of view, from the inside instead of out.
Later this year we’ll also publish an anthology of  George’s RW columns, with excerpts from his books and new material about his running and writing life. After all, as Joe Henderson, a former editor and columnist at RW who collaborated with George for many years, put it: “As long as his work is read, a part of George Sheehan lives on.”
David Willey, Editor-in-Chief
To purchase a copy of Running and Being, visit Rodale's bookstore.
For more about Dr. George Sheehan, including a biography, essays, videos, and photos, visit www.georgesheehan.com.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Great brook last day of season!

Hey Gang
Day off from work phone rang or beeped constantly but Fuck it!
So Great brook is a cross country park in winter about 20 miles worth they say.
Can't cross country down south eh?

I have been skiing on trails off and on for 25 + years.

Great afternoon at Great Brook, conditions were pretty good a few bare spots,
I skiied 5 miles but was out of energy the last 1- 1/2, fell a couple times pretty funny, i never "used to" fall Lol. Btw 1000 calories!

Getting skis with metal edges so I can skate and telemark ( climb mountain with snow shoes and ski down), this old guy is NOT slowing down hehe!

Found the skis I plan to buy, Fishers 98's with a special boot and binding you can use the ski on flats, up trails , down hills and through the brush!

I won't need to buy new down hills I will be all set, fn awesome!!

BTW I am down 16 pounds !

Love yall


Friday, March 8, 2013

More serious stuff:

I am on a very strict diet lost 7 pounds since Sat

You are all doing frickin great!!!

I love my job in Construction Management, but we do work a lot and the thanks are minimal.
This is from a young man who worked for me in the past,  the best I've  had BTW(ever)
He is newly married and they are expecting their  first son in a couple of months.

This might put a smile on your face in the meantime...I have been "talking" to my wife's belly, preparing my future son for the real world. My #1 piece of advice..."son, if you want to have a life outside of work, and not work weekends and extended hours, don't go into construction...become a banker..."}

I miss Paul btw, he moved to Virginia and is doing well, but we do stay in touch and I cherish that!

God bless the little guy he will have as great life!

10 -12 inches of snow this morning,  so do I go snowshoeing or x crty skiing this we ?


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is fitness dead?


Is Fitness Dead?

Posted by abornstein | November 28, 2011 | 82 Comments
The holidays have always been an important time of year for me. Whether it's the opportunity to relax or the chance to spend more time with my family, there’s something special about a season dedicated to the people and values that are most important to you.

But the end of the year is also bittersweet. When you look beyond the holiday cheer and time away from work, December oftentimes equals doom for your health. Diets go crashing, activity disappears, and the hard work that people put in for an entire year goes on life support—waiting for resurrection in January.

Year after year, resolution after resolution, the same trend always repeats itself. Leading to one simple question: Does fitness have to die in December?

This year, I want to try something different. I want to bring fitness back to life in December and start preparing some pre-resolutions. Consider it a test for the real thing in January.  I want you to increase your activity, focus on your diet, and still enjoy the holidays, all while finding time for your health. It’s time to raise the bar. After all, recent research shows that by the year 2020, it’s estimated that 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women will be either overweight or obese. Translation: We need to fight for our health and set a standard for others to follow.

Focusing on your fitness at the end the year has many benefits that will make your life even better in 2012. Think about it: When January rolls around, you won’t be trying to make up for the damage caused in November and December. Instead, you can ride your momentum and accomplish even more. To help the cause, I encourage you to reach out to me on Twitter (@BornFitness ), ask me your questions or share your motivation and tips, and include the hashtag #fitnesslives. Together, I want us to reverse the trend.

In addition to answering your questions, I’ll provide tips all month to keep you inspired, help you eat better, and make sure that #fitnesslives and 2011 ends on a good note. After all: It’s not always how you start, but where you finish.

To keep you on the right path, use these tips and words of motivation to push you towards the finish line.
INSTANT INSPIRATION: “It's never too late to reinvent yourself. Get up, and take the first step towards becoming the person you want to be.”

ENJOY, DON'T ABUSE: One "bad" day of eating will never ruin an entire diet. So if you choose to indulge, don't feel guilty. Enjoy. But then get back on track with your next meal or with a workout that day or the next. A healthy life is all about balance.

STAY FOCUSED: "When you're interested in something, you do it when it's convenient. When you're committed, you accept no excuses; only results.”

PLAN YOUR SUCCESS: Resolutions shouldn’t just exist during New Year’s. They should be a permanent part of your life. If you’re not trying to get better every week, every day, and every hour, you’re probably doing something wrong. Make weekly or monthly lists to help keep yourself on track, and reward yourself when you reach your goals. Do what it takes to keep yourself accountable.

BE CREATIVE: Cold weather isn’t an excuse to stop exercising. Go outside and play. Head to the gym. Do a workout in your home. If anything, the change in weather should force you to become MORE creative, which can make your typical workout more fun, challenging, and enjoyable.

FIRE-UP FAT LOSS: Don’t think you can do a workout at home? Try this one. It’s a metabolic program designed to burn calories fast—including the few extra pounds you might have put on during holiday eating. Best of all: No equipment is needed. Start on the lower end of the sets, and build up as you improve your stamina. Warning: This workout is harder than it looks.

Perform each of the exercise groups as a circuit. That is, do one exercise after another without any rest between movements. Once you finish all exercises in a group, that's one set. Then rest 30 to 60 seconds and repeat 3 to 6 times before moving on to the next group. Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds.

Group 1:
Mountain climbers
Squat jumps

Group 2:
Hip extenions
Stationary running

Group 3:
Side lunge
Squat thrusts (burpees)

GO SMALL TO LOSE BIG: Trouble getting started with what you should be eating? Start logging your foods on MyPlate. It will give you a baseline of how many calories you’re actually consuming compared to how much you should be eating. This will be your guide. But don’t try to make massive changes. The good foods vs. bad foods debate can be frustrating. Instead, do addition by subtraction. Add foods that will keep you full and help you eat less. Begin each meal with vegetables, pack each meal full of protein (which will help you burn more calories compared to fats and carbohydrates), and substitute fruits for some starchy carbohydrates (like breads and pasta). The fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth, but with just a fraction of the calories.

FACE YOUR CHALLENGES: “In our lives, we have two or three opportunities to be a hero, but almost every day, we have the opportunity not to be a coward.”

- Adam Bornstein 

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/blog/blog/is-fitness-dead/#ixzz2JB46dAOC

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2

Week 2 P90X done good week, went skiing and snow showing yesterday, did about 5 miles combined so it was good cardio.
Place is called Weston Ski track not far from job site they make snow on about 2 km of course so it is awesome all winter!
What did you do this week?