Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The truth about our Potential

The truth about our Potential

by Kevin Eikenberry on April 20, 2011

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On April 18, 2011, Geoffrey Mutai broke the Marathon record in Boston (though it doesn’t officially stand yet as the World record, a detail not important of this post – this isn’t a sports blog after all!), running the 26.2 miles in 2:03:02. This record time equates to about 4:43 for every mile for over 26 miles!

Looking at the results from this week’s Boston Marathon showed me something even more interesting than the incredible speed of the world class runners. Here it is:

23.41% of those who started the race were over 50 years old (and their % of finishers roughly matches the overall % of the field).
You have to run a qualifying time to even compete in the Boston Marathon, and over 23% of those people were over fifty years old.

Even as a non-runner these times are amazing to me.

Geoffrey Mutai said after winning the race, “When you trust yourself you can make it.”
Read Mutai’s words again:

“When you trust yourself you can make it.”

If you don’t get it yet, this post isn’t about running.
I wrote it to remind you of the truth about your potential.

It is greater than you think – and your trust in yourself plays a big part in you tapping into, finding and unleashing that potential."


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