Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 3 Happy Friday

Anyways Happy Friday

Weeks 3
okay took off yesterday, exhausted after being up til 1 am the night before celebrating our RED SOX!!!

Got up at 4:30 to ride this morning did about 16-17 miles in one hour
time 60 minutes
power avg 110 watts
revolution avg 75
Calories (Real) 430
Heart rate avg 126

Not bad , want to get the power up to 125, mileage up to 18
revs up to 80+ and calories up to 500.

Interesting discussion on the ICO(indoor cycling)site I am on about calorie burns.
They say it is impossible to reach 800-1000 calories per hour unless you are really elite. if your BMR is 100-125 then you would need to burn 700 - 800 calories, it was hard to burn 430 on the bike this morning I was a sweaty mess!
The HR watches we use are somewhat misleading
Thoughts people?

tomorrow leaves outside and then Shoulders & arms , behind again this week.

be good



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