Monday, December 16, 2013

Work your ride

Cycle Lab is now riding with the newest version of PIQ–Performance IQ.  There are some awesome features!
Each rider is given the option to “Display Metrics” or “Don’t Display Metrics” when they create an account at Cycle Lab.  If you choose to display your metrics you will be involved with the many cool features the Performance Board provides.  If you choose not to display your metrics you are still involved…just not publicly.   Your bike will show “0” through the ride and you will not be ranked.  The computer randomly shuffles riders showing “0” and you will stay in one place on the Performance Board.  Even if you don’t display your numbers you will still receive performance data feedback emailed to your personal account after each class.  What does the Performance Board show?
“POWER MODE” tracks each individual’s accumulated data through the entire class.  Riders are ranked and able to compete through the ride based on Total Energy (accumulation of power). It is essentially an individual mode.
“SPRINT MODE” gives riders a specific interval goal and a chance to wipe the slate clean beginning from zero as the clock resets for each sprint.  Each sprint drill gives riders a fresh start for that particular time segment and an opportunity to race the given interval.  When your instructor hits the SPRINT button, the SPRINT CLOCK (highlighted on the upper right of the Race Board in yellow) will count up from zero, your numbers will start from zero and you will be ranked on that particular sprint.  This is your chance to bust out with a flurry of power and speed!  At the end of a sprint set your instructor will take the class back to “POWER MODE” and you will once again see the total accumulation of Energy for the class.
“GROUP MODE” displays metrics based on class performance.  Each rider in the class contributes to the group metrics (even if you show “0”).  AVERAGE POWER (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in orange), AVERAGE RPM (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in black) and TOTAL ENERGY (highlighted in the center of the Race Board in green) for the class is displayed in the “GROUP MODE”.  This mode creates an energizing atmosphere and a fun way to build team strength!
  • Power is measured in Watts.  It is the amount of work being done in a given amount of time by a rider.
  • Time is measured in seconds.
  • Energy is measured in kilojoules.  It is the accumulation of power over time.
  • Force is the amount of resistance or gear
  • Velocity is the speed a rider is pedaling or RPM
Energy is directly correlated to calories.  More Power=More Energy=More Calories burned.  There are two ways to increase your Power, therefore your Energy, therefore your Calories burned.
1.  Crank up your resistance (your gear)
2.  Increase your pedal speed (your RPMs)
The more a rider challenges themselves by increasing their force and velocity on the cycle, the higher the power output, the higher the energy and the more calories burned.
Now get out there and WORK YOUR RIDE!


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