Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the road to healing?

I am doing better, finally had doctor ( foot doctor) appt and we had a major afternoon snowstorm Monday, I was on a call with the boss got out of here at 4 and appt was 4:30, 40 minute ride in good weather.

So I called and said i will be really late traffic was slow, no problem rescehduling, Doctor said no i will wait for you you are in pain ...

Got there at 5;30 he gave me a shot in the foot and a shot in the ass and said go get a good set of boots. Nothing I wore was any good, so  I got to sketcher 1/2 boot with memory foam that masked the pain.. Also have an orthotic he sells , not custom. wow i feel like a new man , he said he thinks it is arthritis in the joints at the base of foot to toe( meta tarsals?)Need a shot in the next joint over and I should be set!

those steroids are great!

Rode the bike 45 minutes this morning no pain , ran out of time....

Back on track I think!
Be good all!



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