Monday, March 3, 2014

week 4

Been keeping up with the programs P90x / T25, loving both T25 is not long enough LOL 
i usually go to the next disc if I have 10 minutes...

Been loving the fit bit ( One) tracks sleep etc, little competition with friends on there who are keeping similar numbers, one night a girl messages me I was at 11450 and she was at 11508, she says cmon Mike!
It was 1000, I said I am going to bed you win LOL
You can taunt people too its all good fun!

Just trying to get to 10000 steps every day it helps with the diet/ weight issues...
If I get out of work be 5:00 and get home it is still somewhat light out, I walk the dogs across the street good for them good for me ..

I have been getting up and riding my bike at 4:30 am just to get in a good 1/2 hour cardio, above and beyond the workouts, 25 miles on deck for this morning on the bike.

was out the door one morning by 6 am after riding!

Have a good Sunday all!



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