Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Round 8

P90X Day 1, Done last night, good restart , pushups went better than I thought they would, man was my back on fire last night.

So, I am going to the podiatrist for another visit today, xrays were done , so now he can tell me what is up with my foot, little sore yesterday after busy weekend , new boots, not limping just a little tender.
Today is much better. 
I have a good(broken in)work boot on and it does not hurt.

So i rode the bike 21 miles indoors Saturday and took trevor for a 4 mile snowshoe Sunday , love the north in the winter, except for the excessive part( cold & snow).
We were jumping over ditches yesterday at jobsite yesterday at work , legs were fried...

Great inspirations group!!!

Need some skin gals!!!



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