Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Days 2/3 P90X round 8

Good Morning

Ok Day 2 /3

Day 2 Did not happen

Doctor visit went well
Xrays are "normal" small spurs from the PF , no major arthritis or anything.
Gave me another shot in middle of foot at that toe joint.
I gotta say it hurt and was swollen all night , so wo did not happen.
He said to focus on shoes and orthotics for good support and we will go from there. It must have been a bad bout of bursisitis!

Will make it up tonight
Snowblower came at 7 pm , will check it out tonight.

Tonight will be 45 minutes bike & S&A

How is everyones"clean" eating going this year?

Mine is going well, cut out all whites, except potatoes, they are fine in small portions cooked healthy.
Soo no sugar, no sweet, no white bread, no pasta
these all equal SUGAR/Turns to FAT!
Eat more coconut in cooking and coffee.

just got rid of all the xmas goodies and have the clean diet dialed in!!

Weight off
we are having a weight off contest at work , it is for Unicef does anyone want to go in for say 25 cents per pound?
Goal is 30 #'s for now.

What is everyone doing for their dietary health?

remember " abs are made in the kitchen!!!"

Have great day!


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